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Friday, November 25, 2011

Fleeting Thoughts

With age comes the realization that there are things in life that I would have loved to have had - but, with age, the little things and the fleeting moments that caught me off guard, shine even brighter.

He held my face in his little hands and said, "Mommy, I'm never going to leave home because I want to live with you forever."

She reached out - a melted piece of chocolate in the palm of her hand - "Mommy, I saved a piece for you."

Their whispered words of "I love you more" as I tucked them in at night.

Shared hugs and kisses - snuggling - giggles and smiles.

Their pouting lips before they shared a "hurt."
They, too, carved deep within my heart.

Her shuffling gait when she wore my high-heels.
Feeling his tiny arms tighten 'round my waist
- the comfort he found was mine.

A single rose she picked. "Mommy this is for you."

Their rolling eyes of mischief
Their snickers, their sighs and goodbyes.

When I spoke the words, "Did you miss me, kids?"
I was really saying, "I missed you."

These special moments in time
Are mine. Yes mine, all mine!

Tonight, I sit and wonder.
Do they still miss me?

Cherished memories of watching my children grow through the years.
I'm never far behind them - with my camera. :))

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