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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Dance with Me"

When we’re young and we dream of love and fulfillment, we think perhaps of moon-drenched Parisian nights or walks along the beach at sunset.
No one tells us that the greatest moments of a lifetime are fleeting, unplanned and nearly always catch us off guard.

Many moons ago, I took my four-year-old son to an elegant department store, where the melodic notes of a classic love song drew us toward a tuxedoed musician playing a grand piano. We sat down on a marble bench nearby, and he seemed as transfixed by the lilting theme as I was.

I didn’t realize that he had stood up next to me until he turned, took my face in his little hands and said, “Dance with me.”

If only those women strolling under the Paris moon knew the joy of such an invitation made by a round-cheeked boy with baby teeth. Although shoppers openly chuckled, grinned and pointed at us as we glided and whirled around the open atrium, I would not have traded a dance with such a charming young gentleman if I’d been offered the universe.
The little things in life mean the most ~ Cherish them!

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