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Friday, July 22, 2011

My son, John - A Success Story

As a child, my son John was a dreamer - something that he carried with him throughout his life. As early as I can remember he had a pen in his hand - always writing. He would sit for hours taking notes. It was always his dream to be a writer. It was his passion and I'm happy to report - his dream came true.

John is an editor, screenwriter, freelance journalist for several magazines/newspapers and co-founder of BDX Dance e-Magazine. Many doubted that he'd ever be a writer simply because he was big, muscular and an athlete - an All-Star football player. He was a "jock" and some thought he would go on to be a pro football player. What they forgot was that he was also a scholar and creative thinker who never gave up on his dream.

I'm so proud of John for sticking to his guns and striving for something that makes him happy!

When he's happy, I'm happy! :))

To My Daughter . . . I Believe in You

When my daughter was younger, she liked to play dress-up ~ funny hats, long beads, gloves and high-heels. Here she looks like the poor little rich girl. She had just finished watching the movie, "Little Princess" starring Shirley Temple. In hindsight, I wonder ~ What was going through Jen's little head – What was she thinking?
How fast the years pass. Today she’s a 27 year old woman and I’m playing dress-up ~ the poor little rich mom ~ (minus the rich) :))
Tonight, I was reminiscing of days gone by ~ back to the yester-years when Jen was a wee baby!
I remember the nights we sat together and talked for hours.
She would share her dreams. Everything seemed to be moving so slow for her back then.
Boy ~ does time fly!
Many a night she would reveal her fears ~ “Mom what if I fail?”
But deep down inside, I knew she would succeed! Hey, us moms know these things. :)
I heard a song tonight and my dear Jen came to mind.
She reached up high, grabbed a star and now she’s shining bright!
I’m so very proud of her but miss those precious moments together.
Jen has indeed succeeded beyond my wildest dreams! I knew she would!
I believed in her!