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Friday, July 22, 2011

My son, John - A Success Story

As a child, my son John was a dreamer - something that he carried with him throughout his life. As early as I can remember he had a pen in his hand - always writing. He would sit for hours taking notes. It was always his dream to be a writer. It was his passion and I'm happy to report - his dream came true.

John is an editor, screenwriter, freelance journalist for several magazines/newspapers and co-founder of BDX Dance e-Magazine. Many doubted that he'd ever be a writer simply because he was big, muscular and an athlete - an All-Star football player. He was a "jock" and some thought he would go on to be a pro football player. What they forgot was that he was also a scholar and creative thinker who never gave up on his dream.

I'm so proud of John for sticking to his guns and striving for something that makes him happy!

When he's happy, I'm happy! :))

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