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Friday, July 22, 2011

To My Daughter . . . I Believe in You

When my daughter was younger, she liked to play dress-up ~ funny hats, long beads, gloves and high-heels. Here she looks like the poor little rich girl. She had just finished watching the movie, "Little Princess" starring Shirley Temple. In hindsight, I wonder ~ What was going through Jen's little head – What was she thinking?
How fast the years pass. Today she’s a 27 year old woman and I’m playing dress-up ~ the poor little rich mom ~ (minus the rich) :))
Tonight, I was reminiscing of days gone by ~ back to the yester-years when Jen was a wee baby!
I remember the nights we sat together and talked for hours.
She would share her dreams. Everything seemed to be moving so slow for her back then.
Boy ~ does time fly!
Many a night she would reveal her fears ~ “Mom what if I fail?”
But deep down inside, I knew she would succeed! Hey, us moms know these things. :)
I heard a song tonight and my dear Jen came to mind.
She reached up high, grabbed a star and now she’s shining bright!
I’m so very proud of her but miss those precious moments together.
Jen has indeed succeeded beyond my wildest dreams! I knew she would!
I believed in her!

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